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Direct3D 11.3 (and nVidia’s Maxwell Mark 2)

A few days ago, nVidia introduced the new GTX970 and GTX980, based on the Maxwell architecture. A bit of a surprise however, is that this is a ‘Mark 2’ version of the Maxwell architecture, which has some new features that … Continue reading

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The return of Larrabee, and Kepler’s true form

A little over a year ago, Intel announced their future plans for the Larrabee project, their attempt at a massively parallel architecture, much like nVidia’s and AMD’s GPGPU architectures. Initially Larrabee was also supposed to power a graphics card. However, … Continue reading

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Meet AMD’s Mike Houston

Okay, I suppose at this point we are all familiar with John Fruehe, and his behaviour on public forums. I suppose you also know about Randy ‘40%’ Allen, and Richard Huddy. And there is also Dave Baumann, of course. I’ve also … Continue reading

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