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Intel tries its hand at a discrete GPU again?

As you may have heard a few months ago, Intel has employed Raja Koduri, former GPU-designer at AMD’s Radeon division. Back then the statement already read: In this position, Koduri will expand Intel’s leading position in integrated graphics for the … Continue reading

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The “Visual Basic Effect”

The programming language of BASIC has always been a popular option for beginners in the past. BASIC is an acronym that stands for “Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code”. So its designers were clearly targeting beginner programmers. As a result, the … Continue reading

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What is software development? An art? Craft? Trade? Occupation?… Part 3

In the previous two parts we have seen that software development is a very large collection of technologies and methodologies, and an area that has been in constant development since the advent of computers. However, even though every few years … Continue reading

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