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What is software development? An art? Craft? Trade? Occupation?… Part 1

From very early on, I noticed that although some of my friends in school had computers as well, they didn’t all use them for the same things. Some just liked to game on them. Others also liked to do their … Continue reading

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What makes the PCjr cool, and what makes it uncool?

The IBM PCjr was a huge flop in the marketplace. As such, it has only been in production for about 14 months, and never even reached my part of the world. When I grew up, I had a vague notion … Continue reading

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More PC(jr) incompatibilities!

The race for PC-compatibility Since the mid-80s, there have been many clones of the original IBM PC. IBM themselves also made new-and-improved versions of the PC, aiming for backward-compatibility. DOS itself was more or less a clone of CP/M, and … Continue reading

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