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John Fruehe: AMD’s latest and greatest liar

AMD is starting the marketing offensive on Bulldozer and Bobcat… John Fruehe is joining some forums to enter discussions with his marketing spin. It appears that AMD is getting really desperate now. They are actually downplaying their current architecture in … Continue reading

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Beyond3D’s reality distortion field

I was playing around with some old FutureMark benchmarks on my new GeForce GTX460… trying to get them to work under Windows 7 x64… so I was googling for some information. I happened to stumble upon this old thread: reading

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So I got my Gigabyte GeForce GTX460OC 1 GB card

And this is what it looks like: It’s the first product from Gigabyte that I ever owned, by the way. Well, first impression of the card is quite good.It really is incredibly silent compared to the Radeon 5770. It’s much … Continue reading

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