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So, whatever happened to that 3D engine of yours?

It has been months since I wrote about my 3D engine. There hasn’t been to much to write about anyway. I have been working on other stuff most of the time, like the CPUInfo library, the BHM file format project, … Continue reading

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nVidia shows the other side of Fermi

I’ve already discussed Fermi earlier, when nVidia introduced us to the GPGPU computing capabilities of Fermi. Back then, a lot of people seemed to think that it wouldn’t be very good at graphics, since nVidia didn’t say anything about it … Continue reading

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Intel Compiler soap, another episode of AMD fanboy idiocy

Agner Fog recently wrote a blog on how the Intel Compiler decides which codepath to run on a given CPU, and how this affects AMD. While I respect Agner Fog, and basically agree with what he says (I’ve known about … Continue reading

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