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The moment many of you have been waiting for: it’s the nVidia fanboys’ turn!

I suppose the release of Fermi made the nVidia fanboys come out of the woodwork again, after being relatively silent for a while. I had a brush with some of them recently… People were often frustrated with me harping on … Continue reading

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Sony’s PlayStation 3’s main graphics API is *NOT* OpenGL!

Geez… I keep hearing this so often… people using the PlayStation 3 as an example of how great OpenGL is for gaming. The problem is, the PlayStation 3 doesn’t USE OpenGL, it uses Sony’s own PSGL (which might be based … Continue reading

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Steam hits the Mac

Well, as most people probably already know by now, Steam for Mac went live yesterday. The cool thing about Macs is that via Bootcamp, you can run Windows on the same hardware, so these Steam games allow for direct performance … Continue reading

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Thoughts of a Direct3D developer after a few months of OpenGL development

If you have been following this blog, you know about the BHM file format and the OpenGL-based example that I made for it. I have been using Direct3D since around 1999-2000, and before that (and during my Direct3D years), I … Continue reading

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