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AMD/Richard Huddy need to lie about tessellation

Recently, AMD has been attacking nVidia and Ubisoft for their HAWX 2 benchmark, which would be unfair to AMD hardware, by ‘over-tessellation’, like certain other tessellation benchmarks. AMD tries to convince us that we need adaptive tessellation, and we don’t … Continue reading

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Linux, Unix, BSD, what does it all mean? And where does Windows fit in?

Well, a few days ago, I was reading this article, and two things struck me. First, the following sentence: Not only is iOS based on Unix, but Android and MeeGo and even Bada are based on Linux as are QNX … Continue reading

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PhysX followup: a few days later…

The previous blog turned out to have more of an effect than I could have hoped for. I originally wrote it for a well-known website, because I wanted to reach a large audience. I was pleased to find that even … Continue reading

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