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Time for another engine update

Right, since we will be requiring quite a bit of post-processing, I went and wrote some code to render to a fullscreen quad first. In D3D10+, you NEED to use a vertexshader at all times, you can’t just pass XYZRHW … Continue reading

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RISC vs CISC, round #213898234

With the news of Windows 8 supporting ARM architectures, the RISC vs CISC discussions are back on the internet. Funny, as the newer generation doesn’t appear to have much of a clue about anything. As I said before, it’s all … Continue reading

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Are you shy, Ruckus?

There we go again, this time a post by Ruckus: No. The PhysX on CPU is not the same as PhysX on GPU. PhysX hardware accelerated looks and performs different than on CPU does. Ask anyone with Batman with PhysX … Continue reading

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