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First, now hacked

It was discovered that was hacked, and was spreading malware. Shortly after, this is another hack of a major distributor of open source software for the linux community (and also hosted on linux). I wonder how many more major … Continue reading

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Some Bulldozer FX performance indication from AMD themselves

During IDF, AMD was present in a nearby hotelroom, as usual. They demonstrated a Bulldozer FX system there: First they showed a comparison between a new unspecified AMD FX processor and an unspecified Intel processor i5 Sandy Bridge, with … Continue reading

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What people like caveman-jim still don’t get about tessellation…

Today I read this post by caveman-jim on the Rage3D forums: “…NVIDIA have lots of smaller tessellators where AMD has a single unit (two in VLIW-4 Cayman). This works great for tessellation factors (the # of subdivision) between 4 and 16, … Continue reading

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AMD Bulldozer Zambezi FX-8100 benchmarks from SiSoftware

On September 3rd, SiSoftware published a review of AMD’s new Zambezi processor, based on the new Bulldozer architecture. After only about 4-5 hours, SiSoftware had to take it down again, but what goes on the internet, stays on the internet, it … Continue reading

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Phoronix: FreeBSD: A Faster Platform For Linux Gaming Than Linux?

Just noticed this article, benchmarking linux games running on Ubuntu against the same linux games running on PC-BSD with the linux ABI: The results might surprise some. It would appear that FreeBSD is more efficient at driving the video … Continue reading

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Porting BHM3DSample to iPhone: some Objective-C++ and OpenGL ES development

I have been playing with some Java code recently, while working on C# support for BHM files. My old Java 3d engine used BHM, and I wanted to backport some of the new C# parsing magic to Java. It was … Continue reading

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The hack got hacked recently, the following text can be read on their frontpage: Security breach on Earlier this month, a number of servers in the infrastructure were compromised.  We discovered this August 28th. While we currently believe that … Continue reading

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