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Why do people think that using linux makes them an expert?

It’s always the same story… I’ve written about it before, repeatedly, actually, and yesterday it happened yet again, right here on this blog. This time by self-proclaimed expert Jed Smith. Apparently he thinks that he is an expert on security, for … Continue reading

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OS X–Safer by design?

Today, my attention was directed at this blog, discussing the security of Apple’s OS X. I suggest you read it, as it makes a number of good points. Some parts also remind me of the issues I brought up in … Continue reading

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AMD follows nVidia’s lead in GPU design

AMD has given some out information about their upcoming GPU architecture. In short, they are completely abandoning their VLIW architecture, because of the inherent inefficiencies with trying to parallelize code. Instead they’re going for a more straightforward SIMD-like approach, much … Continue reading

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AMD leaves BAPco

Nigel Dessau has written a blog on why they think BAPco’s Sysmark 2012 is unfair. Well, that’s all well and good, but the arguments he gives are misleading at best. For example, he says: “Off the shelf, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer … Continue reading

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Intel Larrabee is back!

Intel has just released a new blog, discussing their upcoming Knight’s Corner processor. Instead of talking about GPGPU, Intel prefers to call it a Many Integrated Core architecture (MIC). The idea is very similar to GPGPU however: pack a large … Continue reading

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Microsoft: “WebGL considered harmful”

Microsoft has released a blog warning us about the dangers of WebGL. It is ironic to see how skeptic the anti-Microsoft community responds to this article. Hasn’t security always been one of the main arguments against using Microsoft products? And … Continue reading

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AMD releases Fusion A8 series, codename Llano

I already mentioned it earlier, an integrated GPU will not perform as well as a discrete card with the same specs, because of the sharing of system memory between CPU and GPU, where a discrete card has dedicated memory and … Continue reading

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