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Windows 7 on ARM?

Microsoft is said to announce a version of Windows for ARM at the upcoming CES. Not just a Windows Mobile, but a regular version of Windows (which probably means Windows 7). The first thing that came to mind here was … Continue reading

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AMD Radeon 6900 series: Much ado about nothing…

Well, the first reviews of the new Radeon 6900 series are out… AMD is going for a new approach in their architecture. So, let me just sum up my thoughts based on these early reviews: The ‘standard’ graphics performance is … Continue reading

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Found another nice old Beyond3D failure

Ran into this old thread just now. It’s funny to see how both Reverend and Dave Baumann (yes, another one of those failing AMD PR guys) completely lose the argument, ignore any facts and arguments, and in the end need … Continue reading

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AMD tries to do more damage-control for tessellation

Another blog from AMD has surfaced, once again trying to ‘explain’ everyone how tessellation is done ‘the right way’. The right way, according to AMD, is obviously the way that hides their tessellation deficiencies best. They try to make it … Continue reading

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