Monthly Archives: June 2009

More progress…

Things have been going quite smoothly. The state handling mechanism was done rather quickly, and really works like a charm. Now I can just have global and local settings again, and I can toggle them however I like, much like … Continue reading

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A progress update on the D3D engine

Well, last time I said I wanted to move to D3D11, and perhaps integrate the D3D9 and D3D10/11 codebases into a single set. After a few days of hard work, I’ve already achieved those goals, to a certain extent. I … Continue reading

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Getting back to business

I’ve been programming as a hobby for as long as I can remember. My dad built our first computer at his work, a ZX81. Back then there wasn’t a whole lot to do with a computer other than to write … Continue reading

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Repairing stuff…

Well, I’ve just finished putting my Zoom G9.2tt guitar effects processor back together after fixing it. That was kind of a long story, really. The Zoom G9.2tt appears to be built like a tank, but since nothing is perfect, it … Continue reading

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