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Another root exploit for linux

A few days ago, the following exploit was published: Another small step in debunking the myth of linux security. What is also interesting is that this bug was introduced only recently: In 2.6.39, the protections against unauthorized access to … Continue reading

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Intel Medfield vs ARM

I did an article on ARM and x86 about a year ago, since multicore ARMs were up and coming, and Windows 8 would allow them to be used in netbooks, notebooks or even desktops, as competing solutions to x86. That … Continue reading

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Why I don’t use linux (and why you shouldn’t either)

As you may know, I have nothing against open source software. In fact, I am both a user of FreeBSD, and a developer of open source projects. But linux never sat well with me. It’s not so much the software … Continue reading

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Just keeping it real, part 5.1

Picking up where I left off in part 5, the subpixel-corrected polygons on Amiga: The subpixel-correction in itself appeared to work. My analysis of the input terms for the blitter’s linedrawing appeared to be correct: you can specify the error-term … Continue reading

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nVidia’s shader use for tessellation is NOT, I repeat NOT different from AMD’s

For some reason I keep reading the same misinformed nonsense about tessellation. A lot of people seem to think that nVidia somehow ’emulates’ tessellation on their shaders while AMD has a fixed-function unit. And for some reason they think that … Continue reading

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