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Following up…

Today I saw the following article: What caught my eye was the part about Digital Narcissism: Digital narcissism, Selinger explains, “is a term that some use to describe the self-indulgent practices that typify all-too-much user behavior on blogs and … Continue reading

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About those ‘tech-savvy’ people again

I’ve already mentioned it in my previous blog about Windows 7… There are quite a few people on the net who *think* they are tech-savvy. The annoying part is they tend to get very arrogant and start insulting people who … Continue reading

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Windows 7, an amazing feat

And with that feat, I am referring to the marketing campaign, not the OS itself.It’s amazing how Microsoft has manipulated the press and the public to love their upcoming OS.An amazing feat of crowd control.The irony is that technically, the … Continue reading

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