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Porting BHM3DSample to Android: Some… well… a lot of… stressful development

As you may know, I have ported my OpenGL rendering framework to iPhone a few months ago. Originally I was not all that interested in Android, since it apparently uses Java for its apps. While it has OpenGL ES support … Continue reading

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Porting BHM3DSample to iPhone: some Objective-C++ and OpenGL ES development

I have been playing with some Java code recently, while working on C# support for BHM files. My old Java 3d engine used BHM, and I wanted to backport some of the new C# parsing magic to Java. It was … Continue reading

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Sony’s PlayStation 3’s main graphics API is *NOT* OpenGL!

Geez… I keep hearing this so often… people using the PlayStation 3 as an example of how great OpenGL is for gaming. The problem is, the PlayStation 3 doesn’t USE OpenGL, it uses Sony’s own PSGL (which might be based … Continue reading

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