Phoronix: FreeBSD: A Faster Platform For Linux Gaming Than Linux?

Just noticed this article, benchmarking linux games running on Ubuntu against the same linux games running on PC-BSD with the linux ABI:

The results might surprise some. It would appear that FreeBSD is more efficient at driving the video hardware than linux. Enough so to mask the overhead of the linux translation by the ABI, and still come out the winner.

Who knows, with enough positive news such as this, FreeBSD may actually get some of the credit it deserves, and draw people in from the linux crowd. As a FreeBSD user, I am always happy to see good news like this.

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4 Responses to Phoronix: FreeBSD: A Faster Platform For Linux Gaming Than Linux?

  1. Sune Marcher says:

    Hm, they’re not running the benchmark of the two systems on exactly the same hardware. They’re also running different X Window versions, with different desktops (does Unity perhaps sucks some extra GPU power compared to KDE?).

    At least they’re both using the same proprietary nvidia driver and opengl versions, so it shouldn’t be a case of a sucky driver on FreeBSD not supporting all extensions, and thus rendering a simpler scene than the linux version 🙂

    • Scali says:

      The version difference is probably because FreeBSD tends to lag behind linux distributions a bit. X, KDE, Gnome etc are generally developed on/for linux, and with every release, the FreeBSD port team needs to patch it, wrap it up into a port package, and test it. Currently Xorg 7.5 is the latest port available for FreeBSD. So they couldn’t use the version that came with Ubuntu on FreeBSD even if they wanted to. Likewise it’s probably difficult to get a complete Ubuntu distribution with exactly the same versions. Nevertheless, linux gets the newer stuff, so it should have the advantage.

      And indeed sloppy to not use identical systems. Then again, the CPU and videocard were identical, so I don’t see how some of the larger performance differences could be explained by the systems not being entirely identical. By the looks of it, the PCI-e bus is just bottlenecked more on the linux system. Could be poor locking (something that they tried to tackle in FreeBSD a few years back, the Giant lock episode:

  2. rafraîchissant says:

    What is the future of the BSD?

    I ask this because OpenBSD had no money to pay the electricity bill and would be closed if had not appeared donor to pay this bill.

    Not worth investing in an operating system that is about to be terminated.

    Someone posted this message on the Phoronix Forums. reference:

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