Some Bulldozer FX performance indication from AMD themselves

During IDF, AMD was present in a nearby hotelroom, as usual. They demonstrated a Bulldozer FX system there:

First they showed a comparison between a new unspecified AMD FX processor and an unspecified Intel processor i5 Sandy Bridge, with the help of the program Handbrake a video of 5 minutes is converted to H.264 video in SD resolution. The AMD FX processor with eight cores perform this function with an average of 223 frames per second, the i5 with four cores came in at 188 fps. Both systems will be comparable in price according to AMD, which it wants to show that AMD a better price / performance offering. That may be the case, but who has a more negative view would conclude that AMD is looking to double the number of cores needs to less than 20% better performance available.

My view is clearly the latter one: AMD needs to make much larger/hotter chips to perform more or less like Intel’s midrange quadcores, while selling them at the same low prices. Not good for AMD’s profitability and long-term future.

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13 Responses to Some Bulldozer FX performance indication from AMD themselves

  1. franke says:

    Being as this is “a new unspecified AMD FX processor and an unspecified Intel processor i5 Sandy Bridge” I don’t believe any meaningful conclusions can be drawn, no model numbers, no frequency’s are mentioned, do we even know if this is really an 8 core or was that assumed, could it perhaps be the 4 or 6 core variant, we don’ know so we cant draw any conclusions.
    On the other hand 20% more performance for the same price….that’s a bad thing right?
    My advice is wait till it’s released and there are reliable benchmarks for an number of different workloads from independent sources before drawing conclusions.

    • Scali says:

      Price means nothing. Those prices have little to do with the actual costs of development and production of the CPUs. If you have the fastest CPUs, you determine the prices, and you can generally get a very healthy profit margin, especially on the high-end.
      If you don’t have the fastest CPUs, you have to cut your profit margin in order to beat your competitor’s price/performance ratio. This is never a good thing, since it means your competitor has total control over you. They have the lower production cost, and will generally have the larger market share because they can reach the entire market, while you can only reach the low end up to where your performance allows it. The high-end is out of reach. These factors mean that in a price war, your competitor can basically bleed you dry. And that is what has been happening to AMD ever since Core2 has been introduced. Bulldozer AGAIN not being able to improve on this situation would indeed be a bad thing. Not for consumers perhaps, but it will be for AMD.

      Also, it’s pretty safe to assume that it is NOT a 4-core Bulldozer. Handbrake requires a lot of SIMD processing power, and 4-core has only 2 SIMD units shared by the 4 cores. A 6-core would be possible *if* Bulldozer is exceptionally good… but I wouldn’t bet on it. Only an 8-core Bulldozer would be reasonably matched to a 4-core Core i5/i7 in terms of SIMD.
      It also makes the most sense. If AMD wants to show how fast they are, why wouldn’t they use their fastest CPU?
      Actually, upon reading it again, the text literally says it has 8 cores.

  2. freak132 says:

    In my view we have no choice but to support AMD if PC computing is to have any future. An Intel monopoly would be terrible for the continued evolution of PC performance.

    • Scali says:

      I think that’s a very naive view.
      Why would we support AMD or any company if they are failing to put out competitive products? Failure should not be rewarded.
      Also, it is very naive to think that AMD has any influence at all at this point. They are so far behind Intel in terms of performance, that there really is no competition anyway. Intel is in no way forced to put out faster processors. AMD still cannot compete with the original Nehalem that was released almost 3 years ago. Intel has since introduced various newer and faster architectures (Lynnfield, Gulftown, Sandy Bridge), without any pressure from AMD at all. And they are about to release even more (Sandy Bridge-E, Ivy Bridge).
      As far as evolution is concerned, Intel has had the monopoly on the x86 pretty much all the time, except for a few short years during the Athlon/Athlon64 vs Pentium 4 competition. Before and after that, AMD and other competitors were only competing in the bargain basement, they weren’t pushing PC performance forward.

      Intel is mainly competing against itself at this point. They need to put out faster CPUs because the market for CPUs is at the point of saturation. People need a reason to upgrade their CPUs, else Intel won’t sell many CPUs anymore. CPUs are rarely replaced because they break down. More than 70% of these CPUs are already Intels anyway.

  3. Bonzai says:

    BALLS. October 12th we will see some terrible or greatness reviews. But this? This is no bueno.

    • Bonzai says:

      The shitstorm might be approaching for AMD.

      • k1net1cs says:

        And they still keep people like Fruehe; amazing.

        Maybe AMD should spinoff its Marketing department to a marketing for hire?
        They could generate additional income that way.
        Especially when they decided to dumb down how people should download their graphics driver from their website and make a counter for days of how they have the fastest graphics card in the world rather than making their drivers properly support multi-threaded rendering even though Civilization V is under their Gaming Evolved banner.

      • Scali says:

        If Fruehe turns out to be as wrong as I think he is, and AMD doesn’t fire him, or at least promotes him away from any marketing duties for life (like they did with Randy ‘40%’ Allen), I say we put up a petition to not only demand that Fruehe be relieved from any marketing duties, but also for AMD to take on a stricter policy around public postings of their employees. Fruehe clearly makes himself known as an AMD VP when he posts on forums, and he abuses the respect and credibility that he gains in the eyes of the general public by boosting, even hyping products and expectations with misleading or even false information.
        At the very least I don’t think customers should tolerate being played like that by any company. And I suppose that it is even against the law in various countries.
        More than that I want to see Fruehe leave, I want to see AMD put a stop to this type of marketing period. I think Fruehe might just have made it very easy to make even the biggest AMD fans want this too, once Bulldozer’s true performance is revealed.
        So a petition it is then, and let’s see if AMD starts taking their customers seriously for a change.


    “So a petition it is then, and let’s see if AMD starts taking their customers seriously for a change.”

    HI again yeah i’m a college student being forced to learn mysql for networking! i pretty much have to buy bulldozer now because i wont have enough money to sell my sabertooth board All i do is game and encode videos i’m hoping the bulldozer can at least do that. The way its going i might just get a 6 core from Amd and save the rest of my money for more important thing.

    Sorry to say it but you seem to be more and more right. Have you noticed lately that JF-AMD down plays IPC now. I’ll wait until the 12th to really see the performance. But i can’t stand how JF-AMD talks to Amd fans he says things like enthusiasts are only a “single digit market” and just acts like such a smart ass to his own fans if this is the way Amd wants their employee’s to treat their fans then its clear Amd does not care at all.

    Put your self in my shoes for a second
    1. I hear bulldozer will release in June then Amd says 60-90 days
    2. I have to move so i’m hoping Bulldozer comes before September 19(yes that is the day i went to college and moved)
    3. AUG 30th gets here and its past Amd’s 90 days and they say nothing while rumors are around the web with all leaks saying bulldozer is slower then even the Phenom II x6
    4. I have to move and see if i can have things shipped to college such as UPS
    5. Amd shows that bulldozer beat Intel in highest clock potential but still not even 1 benchmark
    6. Been about 110 days with no word from Amd
    7. John keeps saying Enthusiasts don’t matter when we work at best buy and some times Walmart telling consumer’s who are not tech savvy whats good to buy(its like saying CEO’s don’t matter because theirs only a few of them in a company)

    Just saying it’s real hard to be a Amd fan and then i hear lame things from AMDZONE. Tell you what i hate AMD fans more then Intel fans. I really do. Their is a Person called CHAD(seems to be a Intel fan i call him a Fan of performance) on tomshardware and i like him way more then most people on AMDZONE

    The only Reason i even got Amd was because of the Price and i always like to stick to what i know but now i don’t think it was worth it and Yes i Am(was) a true Amd fan.

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