Sony’s PlayStation 3’s main graphics API is *NOT* OpenGL!

Geez… I keep hearing this so often… people using the PlayStation 3 as an example of how great OpenGL is for gaming.

The problem is, the PlayStation 3 doesn’t USE OpenGL, it uses Sony’s own PSGL (which might be based on OpenGL ES 1.0, but has a LOT of hardware-specific extensions, since OpenGL ES 1.0 doesn’t even offer programmable shaders or anything… Ironically enough PSGL is based on Cg, which was developed by nVidia and Microsoft, and is closely related to Direct3D’s HLSL, but NOT OpenGL’s GLSL). And in fact, many games don’t even use PSGL all that much, but use the lower-level LibGCM or go down to the bare metal themselves (the advantage of a console: hardware is fixed).

Yes, there are OpenGL wrappers available for the PlayStation 3, but their performance is considerably worse than PSGL, because OpenGL isn’t suited to the PS3’s hardware very well (just like how you can run linux on it, but the Cell is very much underused by linux applications, and you end up with a very slow system, with the exception of custom PS3 applications).

Get your facts straight, people!


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