A new game for DOS/EGA/AdLib: Super Space Fuel Inc.

It seems there has been a boom in Match-3 games. They seem to be a popular target for casual gaming on mobile devices/in browsers. But what’s better than playing Match-3 on your mobile phone? Playing Match-3 under DOS!

I say ‘new game’, but it was released in August last year. So yes, it’s a ‘new’ game for DOS, but I’m rather late to the party. Anyway, the game is Super Space Fuel Inc., and it was made by some friends I know from my demogroup DESiRE.

Code is done by sBeam, graphics by VisionVortex, and music by No-XS.

The game requires EGA, and has AdLib music. In theory it can run on any machine with an 8088 CPU or better. In practice you probably want at least a Turbo XT or 286 for the best gaming experience.

The game was written in Turbo C. You can download the game for free, and if you make a small donation, you can also download the source code, if you are interested. Of course I hope you will donate, as any retro DOS stuff, especially with EGA and AdLib, deserves a reward.

Dosgamert made a video with gameplay to get a decent impression of the game:

You may recognize the music. And I must say, the graphics and animation look very slick. Hope you like it!

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