AMD leaves BAPco

Nigel Dessau has written a blog on why they think BAPco’s Sysmark 2012 is unfair. Well, that’s all well and good, but the arguments he gives are misleading at best.

For example, he says:

“Off the shelf, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, Office 11 and Movie Maker all use GPU acceleration – they come with it turned on. So does Adobe Flash.”

Yes, but really, does that matter? Should that have any effect on the buying decisions of a large corporation? I would say: Absolutely not!
Why not? Simple: even the simplest of GPUs (Intel’s IGPs) are adequate at these tasks. Browsing websites, playing 1080p Flash videos etc, no problem.

Then he tries to put the focus on homogenous computing and OpenCL. Yes, but where are the applications with OpenCL support? If there is any GPU-acceleration other than video encoding/decoding, it is implemented with Cuda, 9 times out of 10. At least, with popular business products such as Adobe Premiere or PhotoShop.

Sysmark 2012 may well be favouring Intel products, but if the reason would be homogenous computing, then it is nVidia who should be using these arguments, not AMD.

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2 Responses to AMD leaves BAPco

  1. Tom Hawk says:

    And guess what you completely biased and uninformed moron? nVidia DID leave, along with VIA! Where’s your follow-up you Charlie Demerjian wanna-be???

    • Scali says:

      I didn’t say that nVidia or any other company didn’t leave… I only said that AMD uses the arguments that only nVidia would be entitled to. However, nVidia and VIA chose to depart silently, rather than throwing a big fit with a bunch of ‘arguments’ that don’t even apply to them.

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