Windows 7 on ARM?

Microsoft is said to announce a version of Windows for ARM at the upcoming CES. Not just a Windows Mobile, but a regular version of Windows (which probably means Windows 7). The first thing that came to mind here was nVidia’s Tegra… People have been claiming that nVidia is in trouble now that both AMD and Intel are integrating faster and faster GPUs into their x86 processors, and nVidia cannot obtain an x86 license themselves, effectively locking nVidia out of a large part of the market.

However, nVidia DOES have their own ‘Fusion’ processor, except its CPU portion is based on the ARM architecture, rather than the x86 architecture. If a regular version of Windows becomes available for ARM, then that would open up a whole new market for nVidia. With a full version of Windows, rather than a CE/Mobile variation, it should be very easy for game developers to port their existing Windows games to the new ARM platform.

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