Windows 7, an amazing feat

And with that feat, I am referring to the marketing campaign, not the OS itself.
It’s amazing how Microsoft has manipulated the press and the public to love their upcoming OS.
An amazing feat of crowd control.
The irony is that technically, the OS is not that different from Vista. It still ‘suffers’ from many of the issues that plagued Vista originally. It just seems that Vista totally spun out of Microsoft’s marketing control, and there was no saving it. Initially there were indeed problems with Vista, but most of them were fixed long ago, and some of the remaining issues still exist in Windows 7 (they are ‘by design’, like having a new kernel model and an improved security model, which will never be fully compatible with older software).
Here’s a nice article on how Microsoft manipulated the press by introducing Windows 7 in phases, and keeping people talking about Windows 7, and making them enthousiastic:

Funny though… back when Vista started to fall apart in the public opinion, non-Windows people were saying how Microsoft was pushing its consumers away, and towards alternatives such as linux. Microsoft was a dinosaur which was doomed, and Windows was just a relic of the past.
I haven’t heard them now, but it seems like people will be running to the stores to upgrade their Windows XP to Windows 7, and they will pay little or no attention to alternatives such as linux.
I think people have underestimated Microsoft and just how good Microsoft is at manipulating the consumers.
It never ceases to amaze me how much people can be manipulated… even those who *think* they’re tech-savvy. Often they are just brainwashed in some way.

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