BHM File Format release 0.3b

I have made a new release of the BHM File Format project.

In release 0.3b there have been some minor code refactorings and bugfixes, but the most important new thing is the BHM Visualizer tool:


This C# application (which should be Mono-compatible for multiplatform support) allows you to inspect the contents in a userfriendly graphical interface. It is a great help for debugging BHM import and export routines.

The preview-tab is a special case. It dynamically tries to load a .NET assembly by the name of ‘BHMViewer.dll’. It expects this assembly to contain an implementation of the IBHMViewer interface. This interface allows the BHM Visualizer to pass a Stream with BHM content to this plugin.

The plugin receives the Control-handle of the Preview-panel, and an Update()-method is called periodically. This allows the plugin to implement any kind of visualization of the BHM data.

As an example, I have taken the BHM3DSample OpenGL code, and wrapped the IBHMViewer interface around it. This way you can view the BHM files created by the 3dsmax exporter directly in the BHM Visualizer:


As usual, all code is included under the BSD license. So feel free to use, extend and modify these tools in any way you like.

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