1991 donut – final release

No-XS has composed a special EdLib track for me to use in the 1991 donut, so I could finish it properly and release the final version:

There are a number of small changes and tweaks, I will just quote the nfo file:

The final version differs from the party version in a number of ways:
– AdLib music by No-XS
– Improved logo
– Moving lightsource and a tiny bit of ambient light
– Reduced precalc time
– Code is a lot faster (should no longer crash on very slow machines, not even a 4.77 MHz 8088)
– Instead of separate binaries for 286 and 8088, there is now one binary for all
– Specify ‘low’ on the commandline to switch to the low-poly donut for very slow machines

If you are interested in reading more about this intro, I will place the link to the two relevant blogposts here:
Just keeping it real… like it’s 1991
Just keeping it real… bugfixing like it’s 1991

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