Funny search terms

I find it fun to look at the stats on my blog, and see the search terms that brought people here.
Some of them are quite funny. So I’ve decided to collect them, and give you a selection:

make windows think it has more cores than it has
does amd do multithread
do intel multi core processors multitask
is apple os linux
is linux the same as os x
is linux owned by apple
how do you know if your computer can multi tread
how to know if computer is capable of multi-threading
is multithreading possible with single core
whats faster multithread or dual core
a clockspeed processor is designed to make multithreaded program run faster
why adobe is favouring nvdia
advantages of cisc over risc
disable hyperthreading amd opteron
software to make single thread multi thread

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3 Responses to Funny search terms

  1. Veda says:

    I came here because i am interrested in rotating cubes on amiga hardware keeping it real 2.
    For instance you could use EHB mode to have a border of half bright pixels on each square which with a black background eases transistion from the color used in general uses some exceptions to this are there but as a general rule of thumb it’s a neat way of getting a larger colour range without too much overhead.
    Changing the colors depending on the sides of a cube can be as easy as passing the data to another bit plane.

    This is what makes old hardware interresting there is a good solid design which could be utilized in differnt manners depending on which goal the programmer wishes to achive.

  2. Robert says:

    It’s not easy to stay educated on computer technology I guess. What’s really bad is all the manufacturers and retailers cashing in on people’s ignorance and lack of understanding.

  3. Alan Timston says:

    Apparently, most of the people who think that “OS X is Linux” or that “Apple owns Linux” are not Linux users at all. Rather, they are mostly Windows and OS X users.

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