Revision 2013 is keeping it real

This easter weekend the demo party Revision 2013 was held. And they were keeping it real. SvOlli was there, for a seminar on the Atari 2600 (‘rock bottom’ in terms of game/demo platforms):

It should give you an impression of just how crazy it is to write code for the Atari 2600.

Then again, these guys may have found a platform even MORE primitive than the 2600:

And if that wasn’t enough, lft held a seminar there as well. You may have heard of lft before, with his wild demos running on microcontroller-based platforms of his own design. He won the wild compo with one the previous year. And the year before that. And before Revision, he did it at Breakpoint as well, in 2009. And in 2008… What happened in 2010 then? He must have had an off day, he only came second that year (then again, getting beaten by a C64 playing video… how could anyone possibly top that?). But recently, he has moved onto the Commodore 64. And that is what his talk is about.

This ties in nicely with the blogs I have written recently. As I have been trying to do, he explains how different C64 coding is to modern programming. He draws some interesting parallels between cycle-exact coding and writing poems in special formats such as the sonnet. And he also compares the VIC-II bugs with… real bugs! Hence the title: “Poems for bugs”.

He also entered a C64 demo at the Revision compo (the main feature is actually his novel trackloading routine):

And speaking of demos… Another very nice demo at Revision was the winning oldskool Amiga 500 demo by Lemon, a ‘redux’ of their 1993 demo Rink-a-Dink:

With some new vector parts, which seem to be a tribute to the 3D part in the legendary Commodore 64 demo Edge of Disgrace, by Booze Design (starting at about 7:30):

And speaking of Amiga demos, Ghostown and Loonies won the regular Amiga demo compo:

This was probably the best demo of the entire party.

All in all, a lot of nice retro/oldskool things going on at Revision 2013!

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4 Responses to Revision 2013 is keeping it real

  1. k1net1cs says:

    Scali, why are the Revision videos being removed by their uploaders?

    • Scali says:

      Oh, thanks for the heads-up. Apparently they uploaded new versions of these videos. I didn’t notice until now. I’ve edited the links so they now point to the new videos.

  2. sybob says:

    Correction: MEGA won the wild compo 2011 with T42 (Tennis for Two). LFT won the oldschool intro compo that year.

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