sykozis does not believe I own this blog

He is in denial…

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10 Responses to sykozis does not believe I own this blog

  1. haemoo says:

    Heh, one of the most retarded forum wars I have seen. I just had a look at the size of my Windows folder, 17gig by itself (Win7), and this install is only a year and a half old. Maybe Sykozis and co. reinstall every 6 months, would not surprise me with XP.

    All that thread needed was someone to pointlessly tell the OP to install Linux and it would have been complete.

  2. k1net1cs says:

    Well, gotta have to apologize for kinda dragging you to that inane banter, Scali.

    • Scali says:

      Kids these days… 😛
      It’s a crystal-clear example of the attitude of the average forum-junkie though: They’ll try to bluff their way through everything, and probably get away with it most of the time (they’ll gather a band of minions over time).

    • Scali says:

      You gotta love how he continues to bluff, now threatening with a lawsuit and all that. Yea, if the scare tactics didn’t work to try and bluff your way out of the nonsense you said earlier, it’s really going to work this time! I wasn’t impressed by Richard Huddy’s hollow threats either, and certainly not by some nobody like him.
      Have to be fair to John Fruehe, he never tried any such bully tactics on me.

      • k1net1cs says:

        I just don’t get why some people need to adamantly make sure they’re not wrong with topic changes and ad hominems instead of viewing the topic from a broader perspective when a clashing input is being given.
        I thought Helios no longer orbits Gaia, but some people just would never change.

      • Scali says:

        Indeed, that Phil Monster guy was quite sad as well.
        First all these big words about how I am spreading FUD… then when he comes with his ‘proof’, he actually produces the exact same 4 GB figure for an XP SP3 installation as I mentioned in my article.
        Sure enough, he started picking on another post right away (apparently he thought Microsoft started counting Windows versions at 3).
        Not even a confirmation that my figures were indeed right, let alone an apology that he misread my article, and then proceeded to insult me repeatedly based on his misunderstanding.
        People suck.

  3. Denial? that’s in De-Egypt 😀

  4. iceCube13528 says:

    I’ll have to say that it was funny.. ya know threatening each other to sue and stuff.
    I’m really sad that the thread was closed, i had just started to learn some interesting things about XP. 😦

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