John Fruehe leaves AMD

Remember John Fruehe? Back in the days before the Bulldozer launch, he was spreading lies. I pointed them out to him and everyone who was interested. He denied everything. So I said we should bet his job on it then. Well, he didn’t leave at the time directly after the Bulldozer launch, when AMD fired a large number of people. One can only wonder why. However, as you can see on his LinkedIn profile, he is now with NextIO. So better late than never, I suppose. Looks better for Fruehe’s reputation as well, that he leaves now, in relative silence, rather than directy after the Bulldozer launch, given his public presence at the time.

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3 Responses to John Fruehe leaves AMD

  1. newimprovedjdwii says:

    So it seems, this is great news if you ask me, Like i said awhile ago all he did was put people down when they said his info about bulldozer didn’t add up

  2. T. says:

    He lied not only about Bulldozer but about Intel products and even about AMD definition of TDP. I wonder if he did the same to AMD customers.

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