Hate fail

I’ve already spent a post on how the AMD fanboys are hating on some of my blogposts… Didn’t really want to dwell on it anymore, but I found one that failed quite hard, so I thought I’d share it with you. Over at Semi-Accurate, someone by the nickname of ‘distinctively’ posted this:

Well, he’s definitely more talented with his guitar that I am but the tune he’s playing lacks musical talent nonetheless. The entire rhythm section plays is typical 80s hair metal. The exact boring, repetitive drum beat used in 10 000 other songs recorded during that era. His music, like his mind, is very two dimensional. He’s incapable of seeing the big picture. Worse yet, he thinks he’s far more intelligent than he really is.

Pretty sure he’s posted here under at least one other alias. The writing style fits some others. Again, two dimensional thinking ……. and get a better rhythm section to play along with.
What a waste of talent. Probably never even heard of Ginger Baker or John Bonham.

This post fails on many levels, let me try to cover them one at a time:

  1. He isn’t even talking about the actual blogpost that the thread is about. He’s going after my music, which has absolutely nothing to do with the subject.
  2. He probably means ‘one-dimensional’ where he says ‘two-dimensional’, so the insult itself fails as well.
  3. I assume he is talking about my latest video, in which case he hasn’t bothered to read the description. I am playing on a backing track made by Miika153. He is an 18-year old guy from Finland, who made this track on his computer. So technically there is no ‘rhythm section’ to speak of. Computer-programmed drums tend to sound… programmed, big surprise. Personally, I think Miika153 has done a great job on the track. After all, he’s just a young guy making the music by himself on his computer, as a hobby. So what if he can’t compete with the rhythm section of well-established bands? It’s not a contest.
  4. Since it’s a backing track that I didn’t make, and he’s mainly insulting the backing track, his criticism is aimed only at Miika153 (sorry about that, Miika!). The only thing I did was the improvised lead playing, and he didn’t insult that. So technically, I should see his post as a compliment, ironically enough. I suppose that he figured out that my playing is too good to just tear it down completely. I don’t know how well he plays, but chances are he’s not good enough to be anywhere near credible in critiquing my playing. So if he did, he’d risk his own playing getting torn apart.
  5. The people who REALLY know my music, know that versatility and improvisation are actually among my strongest points (sure, 80s hair metal is one of my vices, I’ve always been into melodic playing, and it’s a good genre for that… but I’ve also done plenty of other stuff, such as blues, jazz, fusion, funk, classic rock, progressive rock, and symphonic metal). Ofcourse, you cannot judge that if you only watch one video.
  6. It’s amazing how someone can conclude how intelligent I think I am by watching me play guitar. I would think that pointing out the mistakes in my blogposts would be a better way to prove that I am not as smart as I think I am. But people never do that, so I’ll just continue to think I’m smarter than I am.
  7. No, I’m honestly not a poster on SemiAccurate. Paranoid? (yes, reference to Black Sabbath intended).
  8. Ginger Baker and John Bonham? Oh god please… I hope this guy is a *lot* older than I am. Because really… I never got these young guitarists who were totally into blues and bluesrock, and looking up to these dinosaur bands. I mean, I have an excuse for actually liking 80s rock: I grew up with the stuff. 60s and 70s stuff, I’m too young for that. I guess you ‘had to be there’. If you weren’t, you just look silly. Not because those guys weren’t good… but because they should be your father’s idols (or even your grandfather’s by now), not yours. A lot has happened since the 60s and 70s, and it surely wasn’t all bad.
  9. Arguing about music is pointless. So what if he doesn’t like my music? That’s just his opinion. It’s not like you get smarter from liking or not liking my music. I also don’t get bothered when people don’t like my music (hey, I’m not 16 anymore). I’ve been doing it for a long time, and I’ve learnt that you can’t please everyone. So I don’t bother to try, and just make music that *I* like, and hope that others enjoy it as well. I generally get positive comments on YouTube, and more thumbs up than down, so I think people actually do enjoy my music, and I am happy to share it with them. If I want an actual discussion, I’ll choose a technical subject, or at least something that has some objective values. There’s no accounting for taste.

So yea, pretty big hate fail I’d say 🙂

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2 Responses to Hate fail

  1. Bonzai says:

    Fuck that guy. 80’s is great! Plus Semi-Accurate, for some reason, is a big supporter for AMD. Why it’s bias, I dunno. But it sure seems to come off that way. Lately the same with HARDOCP. MAN, I remember when HARDOCP was like NVIDIA BAR NONE. Then it was like over-night, they took a turn and basically said FUCK NVIDIA. It might be do to a price point and the fact that crossfire vs sli has a superiority to it due to the fact you can mix and match GPU’s as long as they are part of the same chiptype. The real change in their attitude towards Nvidia was the Crossfire x3 vs 3-SLI 580’s. It was a good point vs performance and price but I found the article rather biased, specifically with the usage of Dragon Age 2 as a benchmark. There is clearly something with that engine on Nvidia card’s vs AMD’s that it is on purpose but they continued to use it blatantly and loudly in most of their reviews. Seemed a little illogical. Clearly there is something up with that engine with it’s usage of DX11 rendering coding. Oh and yeah, HARDOCP AMD LAN CON or some crap. Politics. Not sure how else you can look at it.

    But hey, I just watch the sidelines. Haters are going to hate and the truth can hurt both ways.

    I sure do hope Bulldozer doesn’t fail. That would kinda suck because some competition is needed in the CPU market. I mean REAL competition with something worth a damn. Gonna facepalm if its bad. AMD Fankids are probably a tad worried since it is taking sometime to get this cpu out. Even more so to see a legit review of the hardware. If the 8-core doesn’t come close to a i7 2600k OCed then crap! AMD will need some new ideas.

    • Scali says:

      It seems that pretty much every place is pro-AMD.
      Probably partly because they are still stuck in the past (okay, so the Athlon and Athlon64 were great), and partly because they are rooting for the underdog, and Intel and nVidia are evil corporations, not companies that are cool to like etc…
      I mean, there’s blatant fansites such as AMDZone… But is there an Intel fan forum? An Intelzone or anything like that? I’ve never come across it even if it exists. Which is strange, since Intel has a much larger marketshare, so theoretically you’d expect more people to be Intel fans.

      At any rate, none of them have anything to do with being interested in the technology or being an enthusiast. These people are mostly just some kind of sycophants. But that’s just how it is these days, sadly.

      I mean, things like synthetic tests have basically been blacklisted by review websites… Which is ridiculous if you ask me. All the sites do these days is testing with off-the-shelf software. Which is nice if you are trying to give a customer advice on which CPU or GPU will run his or her software best today…
      But it has nothing to do with technology. I much prefer the old days, where synthetic tests were developed specifically to isolate a single feature and see how well this performed. So basically to check how well the design works in practice. Test some best-case and worst-case scenarios. See where the limits of the micro-architecture are. You generally cannot do that with off-the-shelf software.
      It’s nice that there are still people like Agner Fog who investigate new CPU architectures, and publish their findings: http://www.agner.org/optimize/
      But you rarely read any information anywhere near that in-depth in a normal CPU review.

      I mean, sure, currently Intel is faster than AMD. But who cares about that? Don’t you like to know *why* Intel’s processors are faster? What the problem is that is holding back AMD’s processors? I find that way more interesting to know than which company is on top, since I don’t have any emotional binding with any company.
      I see it more like a game of chess: Intel makes a strategic new move, and gets the upper hand. What is AMD going to do to counter that move? Intel presents AMD with a problem, how is AMD going to solve it?
      What are Intel’s weak points? What are AMD’s weak points? How can one improve themselves, and/or exploit weaknesses of the other?

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