A fix if Mirror’s Edge hangs at the splash screen

I recently got a new motherboard and CPU for my computer, and I found that Mirror’s Edge no longer worked. Even reinstalling the game didn’t seem to make a difference. It did detect an update after the reinstall, so I knew it did *something*. I tried searching the web for possible solutions, but most of them just involve setting compatibility options. Those won’t work. I didn’t need to set any compatibility options with my previous system, and it ran just fine in Vista and Windows 7.

Then I noticed someone saying to delete the OpenAL32.dll from the Binaries folder. This caught my attention… After all, my old motherboard had a SoundMAX, and this one has a VIA HD chip. It could be that the OpenAL32.dll supplied with the game doesn’t work with the VIA chip (which is why you generally shouldn’t bundle such shared libraries with your software). So I renamed the file, which should make it load the standard OpenAL32.dll that is installed in my system directory. And indeed, Mirror’s Edge started to work again!

I just thought I’d share it, since it seems that many people suffer from this problem, and are having trouble finding a solution. It might not work for everyone, but I suppose it at least works for people with onboard VIA audio chips. There could also be problems with other audio chips.


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3 Responses to A fix if Mirror’s Edge hangs at the splash screen

  1. Bonzai says:

    Pretty sure it has to do with the previous driver set. One thing I’ve learned about Soundcards with Creative, things get dicey real quick if you don’t uninstall all audio drivers when either changing sound card or motherboard (due to onboard sound).

    But why that game and not others? Who knows. Sound can be a hastle. I went from Creative to VIA HD as well (Due to limitation in slots). That an ASUS Mobo?

  2. Scali says:

    Yea, it’s an Asus board. Previous board was an Asus as well, but it had a SoundMAX.
    I don’t think it had to do with those drivers though. They uninstalled cleanly, and I haven’t had issues with any other games.

    As I say, there was an OpenAL32.dll in the Binaries folder of the game. So even if I update OpenAL on my system with new audio drivers, it still won’t update the one that Mirror’s Edge uses. Most other games don’t bundle it, they just pick the ones from your system folder.
    And apparently the one they bundled is not compatible with my card. I’ve seen the issue of Mirror’s Edge being stuck at the splash screen on tons of forums. I bet it’s mostly this issue (probably not just with VIA HD chips, but also others).

    Anyway, it’s fixed for me… I only have one more issue now: Cubase LE 1.0 doesn’t work on my new PC. I need to update to LE 4 or newer.

  3. Boroko says:

    THANKS!!! This was it. Because i also did change motherboard and got a new one with a VIA chip on. Now it works again 😀

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