Batman Arkham Asylum: A battle of wits between nVidia and AMD

Well, as I said before, AMD needs to seriously work on their public relations.

Here’s a fine example again:

Richard Huddy and Lars Weinand engage in a discussion, with Huddy, being the dimwit that he is, making a fool out of himself with cheap potshots and FUD, which nVidia can easily deflect. Very unprofessional of Huddy.

At the end of the day, AMD’s customers still don’t have AA in Batman: Arkham Asylum. If you really want to show the world that AMD wants to do more for gamers than nVidia, you should be providing code rather than slinging mud. AMD’s customers have no benefit from this mudslinging, you’re just wasting their time and bandwidth. Who is really neglecting gamers here?

Oh and to everyone who thinks it’s all just standard DirectX code… Deferred rendering, find out what it means, and how MSAA is affected.

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