The ever humble Danny Danzi

These are some direct quotes from Danny Danzi:
"I’ve made a life of helping others the only way I know how and because I communicate in a language they can understand, they respect me for it and probably take my side. Not to mention I have went through the pains of hell for many years to help the fine people on this site and many others for the price of a thank you."
"Lets look at the facts…I have accomplished quite a bit in my years on this earth. I share information and parts of myself with people that works. When they do what I tell them to do, they get results. It’s not based on opinions, it’s based on what works. This is why people like what I have to say and jump on my bandwagon. If they happen to like my songs, my playing and my tone, this works even better for them."
"I on the other hand, have created special videos for site members showing them and answering their questions in full. I have helped them personally behind the scenes to achieve what they were after going above and beyond the call of duty for the price of a thank you."
"don’t mistake my personality for having an ego. Though you think it’s me hiding behind something, I earned all that I have in both stature and credibility. Don’t confuse ego with belief in myself, tried and tested success and the ability to communicate with others better than you."

Wow, I almost confused ‘belief in myself’ with ego there 🙂

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